About Us

While we, at The Water Brewery, specialize in water, we provide much more. With our commitment to helping customers achieve optimal health in an ongoing, day-to-day basis, our products and services integrate to work synergistically.​

In The Water Brewery’s Pyramid of Wellness, the first cornerstone to achieving optimal health is our high-potency, love-charged Aquae A.M.O.R.E. water. Water is of highest importance – not only in our company culture – but also in a global, universal way as the macrocosm of the Earth and the microcosm of each human body is comprised mostly of water. The wholeness and aliveness of this water transfers and reflects directly to the health of each individual.

The second cornerstone comprises of the superfood supplements and living-foods we consume on a daily basis. Due to people’s busy, high-stress lifestyles, the foods they manage to ingest are often depleted in essential vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that are truly usable and recognizable by the human body.

To assist customers achieve optimal energy and vitality, The Water Brewery provides superfood nutritionals by companies who are in the forefront of integrity, such as Health Force, Omica, and other food-based supplements that can be easily mixed into a bottle of Aquae A.M.O.R.E. water for maximum absorption, hydration, and performance. When taken consistently, these easy-to-make “elixirs” are truly health-promoting and life-transforming.

The third cornerstone features eco-living goods that help compliment and promote health-conscious living as a way of life. Such products include EMF protection harmonizers, eco-glass water jugs/bottles, water dispensers, and shower filters.

Central to our triple cornerstones of water, superfood supplements and eco-living goods is SERVICE. With customer service CORE to who we are as a company, The Water Brewery believes that excellent products must go hand-in-hand with excellent service.

Onsite, the company provides complimentary wellness coaching to educate and guide individuals on their watery journey to health. Naturally, every individual team member of The Water Brewery “walks the talk” and is a living example of the constant pursuit of wholesome, conscious, and sustainable living.