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Every human life begins in the watery womb of a mother, where the water she drinks becomes transformed into amniotic fluid, the child’s sustaining elixir of life.  Amazingly, this amniotic fluid replenishes itself every hour, so what a mother drinks and how much she drinks is essential.  

This connection continues in significance after birth, when the mother’s breast milk becomes the child’s first food.  Because breastmilk is 88% water, the quality, quantity, and vitality of the water that the mother consumes is, again, of utmost importance.  Statistics show that if at least 90% of mothers would exclusively breastfeed worldwide, 1.3 million infant deaths would be prevented each year.  And add to this thought the possibility of every breastfeeding mother having full, unlimited access to truly clean, mineral-rich, potent waters.  Not only will their babies be healthy, they will thrive! 

The link between water integrity, maternal wellness, and infant health is also undeniable when we realize that while in the womb, babies are made of 96% water.  Upon birth, they are about 85-90% water.  As children grow and mature into adulthood, their water content levels to around 70%, and can dwindle to as low as 50% upon old age.  

This decrease in percentage is one of the leading causes of illness and premature aging, where much of today’s sicknesses and imbalances stem from poor hydration: from insufficient water intake, water that is unclean, and/or water that has been filtered or even distilled, but depleted of its essential minerals and vibrational life force.  

This mother goddess image is indeed a gift – a blessing and a reminder of our undeniable link to water as our planet’s most precious resource – a living elixir – and the responsibility we all have as the humble custodians of that water … for the health of our babies (and their families) and the health of our Mother Earth ~ Mother Waters