Our Philosophy

Water is a repository of energy : E = H20

The Water Brewery believes that to truly understand the science of water, it is important to understand that water is energy and this energy is measurable.
Information is as important as energy in the universe, and it is as important in the human body as well. As a cosmic information field directs natural processes in the universe, so in the living organism the bio-field directs the way the body works: it is the “information-software” that directs the organism’s “energy-hardware.”
Hence, Global Health is not just absence of illness but a psycho-physic concept of evolution-transformation that brings a new awareness to the world’s consciousness.


We, at The Water Brewery, believe that it is our birthright to collectively have access to uncensored knowledge, nourishing foods, and potent waters, regardless of man-made boundaries, prohibitions, and dogmas. We strive to be that special little “hub” for grassroots, heart-based action where we find nourishment and strength in our mutuality, synergy, and togetherness. We are inspired by the fact that even the mightiest of forests begin with the tiniest of seeds. May we always see into each other as seeds of great potential.


By 2050, the population on earth is estimated to reach 10 billion, which points to the need for innovative approaches to meet the global demand for nutritional intake. The World Health Organization has calculated that every second hospital bed is covered by diseases caused by contaminated water or lack of water. That means poor water quality causes more hospitalizations than any other illness. Healthy water should therefore have a greater healing potential than any other substance.

Environmental Impact

We prefer anything other than store bought plastic bottles: About 1 in 15 households uses bottled water as its main drinking water source and it costs about 250 to 10,000 times the price of tap water.

A consumer group tested bottled water, however, and disproved the notion of superior safety: about 1/3 were contaminated with bacteria, arsenic, or synthetic organic chemicals.

At least $100 billion is spent annually on traditional water filters and plastic bottled water. Much of that money goes into marketing campaigns that infiltrate our thinking and cause us to come to the same conclusion. Traditional filters may not protect us at all. Traditional filters don’t remove contaminants as much as they reduce them. Companies that make claims about toxin removal often do so based on extrapolation rather than laboratory testing.