Water Membership Policy

Monthly Renewal

Billing occurs monthly, starting from the day you begin your membership. Each month, your membership will automatically renew on the same day it started, and your credit card on file will be charged for the plan amount and any additional costs if you exceed the allocated usage.

An invoice will be generated and sent to your provided email address every billing cycle.

You have the freedom to cancel or resume your membership at any time, for any reason, without any penalties or contractual obligations.

Sharing a Plan

Plans may only be shared between members of the same household.

Payment Methods

Memberships must be paid using a credit or debit card. Cash payments are not accepted.

Upgrade / Downgrade

Subscribers can upgrade or downgrade their plan/tier on the day they sign up or renew, and the change will be applied immediately. If they make the change on the second day or later, it will take effect in the next billing cycle.


To cancel, send an email to connect@thewaterbrewery.com. Please be aware that cancellations cannot be processed in-store or over the phone. To avoid being changed for an additional month, we recommend cancelling before your billing cycle renews.

If you cancel your account mid-cycle, you can still use it until the current cycle ends, but it won’t renew on the next billing date. Just remember that exceeding the allocated limit may result in additional charges.


On January 1, a subscriber starts their UNITY 15 membership and is billed $40. They log 20 gallons on their membership between January 1 to January 25, and they request to cancel on January 26.

Since they exceeded their 15-gallon allotment for January by 5 gallons, their bill for February 1 will be $14. This amount reflects the cost of the additional 5 gallons at the 30% discount rate of $2.80/gallon.

On February 1, they would not be charged $40 price for the plan renewal.



There are several circumstances under which recompense will be given:

1. Cancellations within 3 days of sign-up or renewal on accounts with no usage (full refund)

If a new account is less than 3 days old with no usage, it can be canceled for a full refund. 

If an account has just renewed, and it has no usage, it can be canceled within 3 days, and the most recent invoice will be refunded.

Cancellations after 3 days of sign-up or renewal will take effect at the end of the billing cycle and no refund will be issued for the current cycle.

2. Cancellations on accounts mid-cycle with some usage (partial refund)

If a subscriber wants to cancel their membership mid-month and have it take effect immediately, they may be eligible for a partial refund based on regular prices. However, if the calculated usage at regular prices exceeds the cost of the membership plan, no refund will be given.

3. The wrong plan or tier was created by mistake (account credit)

If the wrong plan or tier was created originally by mistake, in the case of a higher tier than desired, the subscriber will be given an account credit for the difference.

Going Beyond Allocation

Any usage beyond the monthly allowance is charged at 30% off regular prices. This usage is accumulated throughout the month and charged at the beginning of the next billing cycle, along with the renewal fee.

When exceeding the monthly allowance, no separate payment is required. The additional costs will be included in the monthly invoice and automatically charged to the card on file.


A subscriber starts a UNITY 15 membership on January 1. They would be billed $40 on January 1, $40 on February 1, and so on, assuming no monthly usage beyond the 15-gallon allocation.

Suppose this same subscriber exceeds their 15-gallon allotment in February by 5 gallons. Their total bill for March 1 would be $54, based on the following charges:

  • $40 for the 15-gallons base usage from March 1 to March 31
  • $14 for 5 additional gallons used in February at the 30% discount rate of $2.80/gallon.
Early Usage of Next Cycle's Allocation

If a subscriber is within 3 days of renewal and has already used up their monthly allocation, we offer a one-time exception to delay logging the usage until after the cycle renews.

Leftover Allocation from Previous Cycle

Allocations remaining in a cycle do not carry over to the next cycle; they must be used before the monthly renewal date.

Before starting a membership, ensure you use at least 15 gallons per month, which corresponds to our lowest membership tier.

The membership may not be suitable for frequent travelers, as meeting the minimum usage requirement or frequently starting and stopping the membership may be challenging.

We do not provide automatic monthly usage alerts. To check your current usage, please contact us at 844-AMORE4U, email us at connect@thewaterbrewery.com, or visit one of our stores.

Billing Cycle Date

Your monthly billing date is the day you start your membership.

Once a year, subscribers can choose to move their billing cycle date up to 14 days ahead, allowing them to select a more suitable date for their renewal payment. This will effectively extend the duration of their current allowance period.

If you cancel your membership and later reinstate it, the day of reinstatement will become your new monthly billing date.

Unpaid Accounts

Credit cards may change, become maxed out, or debit accounts may become overdrawn, causing automatic charging failure. In such cases, we will email you at the associated email address to update your credit card information through our online portal.

If you haven’t updated your payment card before your next visit to get water, your account will be flagged as unpaid during checkout. At that point, you will be required to update your payment card before leaving the store with your water. If the account cardholder is not available, a store manager may make a one-time exception in good faith. However, they will request that you promptly contact the cardholder to resolve the past-due account.

You can also update payment details by calling 844-AMORE4U.

When your payment card is updated, all unpaid invoices will be automatically and immediately charged to the new card.

Please be aware that unpaid membership accounts for over one month may be automatically closed without warning.