Our Mission

Inspire a Fresh Perspective on Water

Information and energy are fundamental to the growth and well-being of both the universe and the human body. Just as the universe is guided by cosmic intelligence, biological intelligence guides the growth and health of our bodies.

We believe that water possesses knowledge and wisdom that direct our body's biological intelligence, connecting our body with the essential materials required for our growth, nourishment, and sustenance. Water is a historical archive of information, carrying the energy of all life since the beginning of our planet. When we drink water, we connect with it as a facilitator of this life force energy. Drinking structured, energized, and mineral-rich water is the key to unlocking our bodies' full potential and achieving an optimal state of health.

By understanding and revering water in this way, we can broaden our understanding of health and pave the way for the evolution and transformation of consciousness.

Provide a Community Wellness Hub

At The Water Brewery, we believe that it is our collective birthright to access uncensored knowledge, nourishing foods, and potent waters, without being confined by man-made boundaries, prohibitions, or dogmas. We strive to be that special little “hub” for grassroots, heart-based action where we can find nourishment and strength in our shared unity, synergy, and togetherness. We draw inspiration from the idea that even the mightiest forests start from the smallest of seeds. May we always see each other as seeds of great potential.

Promote Holistic Living through Synergistic Products

At The Water Brewery, our expertise extends beyond water. Our collection of products is carefully curated to synergize harmoniously with our water. We personally test and thoughtfully select each item featured in our stores, ensuring alignment with our values of healthy, conscious, and holistic living.

Each and every team member at The Water Brewery is a living example of the constant pursuit of these values. Consequently, we encourage our staff to provide complimentary wellness coaching that reflects their personal experiences in order to guide our customers on their journey to a healthy lifestyle.

Our commitment extends to promoting and nurturing this lifestyle through a range of offerings:

Superfood Supplements: Our supplements are sourced from reputable collaborators, including esteemed partners like Health Force and Omica, who prioritize the use of plant and root-based ingredients while minimizing or eliminating reliance on synthetic components.

Culinary Delights: We offer an array of organic, gluten-free, and nutrient-dense treats that cater to health-conscious palates, enriching dietary choices. All of our treats are freshly made right in the kitchen of our Costa Mesa store.

Liquid Vitality: Savor the benefits of cold-pressed, organic, and preservative-free juices, including improved hydration, digestion, and micronutrient absorption.

Eco-conscious Goods: Our selection also encompasses eco-conscious goods, such as EMF protection harmonizers, eco-glass water vessels, fluoride and aluminum-free bath products, and shower filters.

Moving Beyond Single-Use Plastics and Commercially-Bottled Water

At The Water Brewery, we intentionally do not sell single-use, disposable plastic bottles. All of Our glass and high-grade plastic containers are designed for reusability and refilling, and with proper care, they will remain usable indefinitely. This ensures that they won't end up in landfills or, even worse, in the ocean.

Unlike large-scale commercial bottled water companies that rely on questionable and mass-produced purification methods, we invest significant time and effort in thoroughly cleansing, energetically restructuring, and holistically revitalizing our water. We carefully craft our water in small batches, following practices commonly found in microbreweries. The outcome is a detoxifying, life-affirming, health-boosting, and beautifying elixir that we present to you every day with genuine affection, gratitude, and humility.

We extend an invitation to you to join us in making a meaningful shift away from single-use, disposable plastic bottled water. By embracing this transition, we collectively contribute to enhancing both our health and the environment's well-being. There are numerous compelling reasons to join us on this journey:

  • 40% of U.S. homes rely on single-use plastic bottled water as their primary source of drinking water, spending a whopping $1,350 per year on average. [1]
  • In 2021, a staggering $270 billion was spent on single-use plastic bottled water worldwide. More than 1 million bottles are purchased every minute, and global sales are expected to increase to $500 billion by 2030. [2] Unfortunately, a significant portion of this expenditure goes into marketing campaigns that influence our perception of single-use plastic bottled water as being safe and convenient.
  • The notion that single-use plastic bottled water is safe was debunked by a comprehensive investigation conducted by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), which discovered alarming levels of 38 chemical contaminants across 10 popular bottled water brands. These contaminants included disinfection byproducts, fertilizer residue, and traces of pain medication. [3]
  • Water pitcher and refrigerator filters have limited effectiveness in removing toxins, typically removing only a small number of contaminants. [4]
  • Only 9% of single-use plastic water bottles are actually recycled. 12% are incinerated (producing more toxins), and the remaining 79% end up in landfills or in the environment, where they will stay forever in one form or another, as plastic does not decompose. [5]
  • 3% of all plastic produced every year ends up in the ocean. [5] And 481.6 billion single-use plastic water bottles are produced each year. [6] That means that over 14 billion single-use plastic water bottles are added to the ocean each year. 
  • The massive Great Pacific Garbage Patch has accumulated over 220 million pounds of plastic waste. This not only poses a grave threat to our marine ecosystems but also causes potentially irreparable harm to our oceans. Spanning an area twice as large as Texas, this ominous Patch serves as a stark reminder of our environmental crisis. If we do not collectively and proactively do our share to eliminate this problem, the weight of ocean plastic will outweigh its fish by 2050. [7]
Contribute Solutions to the Global Water Crisis

With the projected global population reaching 10 billion by 2050, there arises a pressing need for innovative strategies to meet the increasing demand for healthy drinking water. 

One-in-four people worldwide do not have access to safe drinking water. [8] According to the World Health Organization, 842,000 people die each year from diseases that could have been prevented by improved water, sanitation, and hygiene. [9] In the U.S., more than 40,000 annual hospitalizations are related to contaminated water. [10]

These staggering statistics underscore the critical importance of healthy water, which holds a tremendous healing potential beyond that of any other substance.