Our Water

A Living Elixir

Every human life begins in the watery womb of a mother, where the water she drinks becomes transformed into amniotic fluid, the child’s sustaining elixir of life. Amazingly, this amniotic fluid replenishes itself every three hours during pregnancy, so what a mother drinks and how much she drinks is essential.

This connection continues after birth when the mother’s breast milk becomes the child’s first food. As breast milk consists of 87% water, the quality, quantity, and vitality of the water that the mother consumes become crucial once more.

Studies show that breastfeeding offers numerous health benefits for both infants and mothers. For infants, it lowers the risk of infectious diseases, childhood obesity, diabetes, leukemia, and death. For mothers, breastfeeding reduces the risk of breast cancer and diabetes. [1] Now, consider the incredible potential of every breastfeeding mother having unrestricted access to genuinely clean, mineral-rich, and potent waters. Not only would this ensure their babies’ health, but it would also allow them to thrive!

The connection between water integrity, maternal wellness, and infant health becomes even more significant when we consider that babies in the womb are made up of up to 90% water. [2] This percentage continually decreases over time, and by age 60, it can be as low as 50%. [3]

We believe that the decline in water content with age is a major factor in illness and premature aging. Additionally, many of today’s health issues are linked to inadequate hydration, consumption of unclean water, and water that has been stripped of essential minerals and its natural life force.

Our logo portrays the mother goddess enclosed by a water droplet, reminding us of our profound connection to water, our planet’s most precious resource. It underscores our shared responsibility as humble custodians of this water, ensuring the well-being of our babies, families, and the preservation of Mother Earth, the source of all water.

A Liquid Network

Water is the most indispensable nutrient for sustaining life. It is our body’s liquid network, facilitating intercellular communication and transmitting electrical signals in the body between all parts of our nervous system.

Some of water’s key roles in the body are to:

  • cleanse the tissues and blood of wastes by facilitating waste elimination through urine and sweat.
  • facilitate various chemical reactions in living organisms, including enzymatic reactions and metabolic processes
  • lubricate and cushion joints and support smooth joint movement.
  • serve as a shock absorber for the spinal cord, joints, and amniotic sac, and other sensitive tissues and organs.
  • aid in maintaining the body’s temperature through sweating and evaporative cooling.
  • promote healthy DNA replication and transcription.

Water Remembers

Water has the unique ability to store each of the millions of materials with which it comes into contact, including undesirable substances such as lead, mercury, artificial hormones, industrial chemicals, bleach, laundry detergent, and more. Thankfully, mechanical purification techniques can effectively remove all of these contaminants.

However, even after undergoing mechanical purification, water retains an energetic imprint of the substances it encountered before. These past interactions disrupt the water molecules’ ability to self-cluster into the coherent patterns found in natural water, and it becomes unstructured. Tap water production in LA and OC raises particular concerns over “toilet-to-tap” initiatives, where wastewater is recycled into drinking water. While the municipal water undergoes (minimal) purification, there absolutely no energetic restructuring before it reaches the tap. [4]

In nature, structured water is created and sustained primarily by eddies — circular currents of water with a whirlpool motion commonly found in streams and rivers. Eddies are natural vortexes.

Vortexes: The Key to Restructuring

When water molecules pass through a vortex, they are realigned into a nearly perfect structure. Moreover, vortexes break down water molecule clusters, resulting in smaller cluster sizes. Smaller clusters are believed to have increased bioavailability and may be more easily absorbed by cells and tissues. Drinking structured water may improve hydration, nutrient absorption, reduce DNA degradation, and promote an overall sense of well-being. People who drink restructured water can experience a remarkable boost in energy levels.

Vortexing is like a reset button, restoring water to its natural state and erasing any “bad memories” or energetic imprints left over from previous contaminants. In nature, this process is ongoing, but it is sorely absent from municipal water production, which only focuses on removing contaminants.

At The Water Brewery, we use vortexing technology to restructure our water, imitating the natural water vortexes found in nature. Vortexers are essential elements of our water system, and we ensure that water is always vortexed before it reaches your container.

    Energetic Restructuring: The Next Level

    At The Water Brewery, we take water restructuring to the next level. In addition to vortexing to physically restructure our water, we also use 4 stages of energetic restructuring.

    1. Vortex Energizers

    The Vortex Energizer is a copper device that if filled with highly-structured water prepared using a implosion machine. This technology is inspired by the work of Austrian forester, naturalist, and inventor Viktor Schauberger. The Vortex Energizer has been demonstrated to influence the softness, pH, and conductivity of nearby water, even without direct contact. [5]

    At The Water Brewery, we integrate multiple Energizers into our water system by placing them on the piping. Should you wish to integrate these Energizers in your home-space, they are also available for purchase in our stores.

    2. Words of Kindness

    Every word we speak, every thought or feeling we experience, emits a specific energy or vibration. These energies can significantly influence the environment around us, just as harmful words in a household can impact a child’s development by creating disharmony within their emotional, psychological, and physical bodies. Similar to people, food and water also emit and store energetic vibrations that can be influenced by the intentions and thoughts we direct towards them. This belief is evidenced by ancient and modern cultures who have practice praying before consuming meals.

    These ideas were put to the test by Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese water researcher who investigated the effects of specific words on ice crystal formation and purity. In one of his experiments, Emoto labeled bottles of water with words like “thank you” and “fool,” with each bottle containing the same water. When frozen, the water labeled with “thank you” formed beautiful hexagonal crystals, while the water with “fool” displayed relatively malformed crystals. Based on these results, Emoto concluded that certain words and intentions have the potential to change the physical structure of water. [6]

    Throughout our water system, we place words such as “Love”, “Peace”, and “Unity” to infuse the water with the vibration of these positive words. Our intention is that the water will transfer these sentiments to all those who drink it.

    3. Music, Sounds, and Healing Frequencies

    In his book, The Hidden Messages in Water, Dr. Emoto conducted an experiment with music by placing water bottles between two  speakers and playing different genres of music. The results were astonishing; classical music, like Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony and Mozart’s 40th Symphony, produced beautifully formed and delicate crystals. In contrast, violent heavy-metal music resulted in fragmented and malformed crystals, highlighting the significant impact of music on water’s structure. [6]

    In our water room, we play inspirational music, soothing nature sounds, and healing frequencies to the water, creating a harmonious environment that contributes to the energetic integrity of our water.

    4. Crystal Protection

    For centuries, crystals have played a significant role in various cultures and spiritual practices, as they are believed to possess abilities to amplify, channel, and protect against energies. Shungite is used by crystal healers to help people to become more grounded and connected with the Earth. Shungite also helps people to let go of negative thought patterns and deep-seated feelings of fear, guilt, and shame. [7]

    Additionally, Shungite has shown an ability to shield against high-frequency electromagnetic radiation, including radiation from cellular phones, WiFi, and other electronic devices. [8]

    In our water room, we strategically position Shungite on the pipes of our water system to add an energetic layer of protection to our water as it undergoes its purification and restructuring process.

    Please Note: Shungite is not placed directly in our water.

      To learn more about the Centre for Implosion Research Vortex Energizer, visit implosionresearch.com.

      Images of ice crystals from Dr. Masuru Emoto’s experiments show noticeable differences when the same water is exposed to opposing sentiments.

      Shungite has gained recognition for its potential in harmonizing or neutralizing electromagnetic field radiation (EMF) on an energetic level.